Rubbish, Running, and Purpose
7 years ago

Rubbish, Running, and Purpose

Man, that was a lame post! Did anyone finish it? That last one about Beginning. Pretentious title too. Such an interesting and useful topic, but such a boring and useless post!

As wide a set of goal posts as I have set myself, I am here to talk about something I have vaguely defined as alternative lifestyle design, not prattle on abut how useless I was at travelling when I was a kid. I’m still bloody useless at it today but except for the hilariously stupid things I sometimes do I wouldn’t dream of forcing you to read about any of it!

I would take that post out back and put it out of it’s misery but, well, let is serve as a reminder to me never to write crap just for the sake of writing something. A reminder and a lesson. Because why did I write it? Because I forgot my purpose here.
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