#30NightsWild is a little project to wild camp and wild swim every day in June, telling a little story about each night, and making a little film along the way. Night 4 was spent drooling on my rocking chair like an old man.


Soooo…. I fell asleep on my rocking chair while listening to an episode of Hardcore History (Blueprint for Armageddon part 2, since you ask). Day 4 of #30NightsWild turned out to be not so wild.

What can I say! I’d climbed pretty hard and then had a couple of beers in the sun. A nice sit down with Dan Carlin enthusing about the first few weeks of the first world war seemed like a perfectly innocent thing to do while I decided where to go sleep out that night.

How wrong could I be?

About as wrong as Joseph Joffre was about the German Schlieffen Plan apparently. At least I think so. I’m not sure. I fell asleep and woke up with no idea where I was or who was winning. The clouds of sleep had mixed with the fog of war, and the fug of booze had mixed itself in for good measure, and to good effect.

But I don’t let these sorts of mishaps derail my plans. What do we do when we nearly fall out of the rocking chair? We get back into the rocking chair! Wait! I mean we find a horse and ride into the sunset for an epic wild camp!

Or we just laugh and carry on. Yeah. I think that’s the one.


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